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Private Snorkeling Adventures  Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Where do you go?   

Simpatico Charters' favorite trips are family snorkeling adventures.  Ruthie & Scotty look forward to those days and look back on them with such joy and fond memories.   

Your private charter includes 4 hours on the Dragon Fruit, a beautiful homemade meal that the Captain prepares while you are exploring the reef with Ruthie.  Simpatico Charters has bottled water, coke, diet coke, fanta, ginger ale and Medalla beer on board,  They have excellent quality gear and will make sure it's all properly fitted to your face, avoiding leaks and fogging from improper fit.

Ruthie also will provide quite a bit of structured instruction before you get in the water so everyone can have time to get comfortable with the gear, having a mask on your face that covers your nose, learn how to easily get water out of your mask and snorkel and discuss what some realistic dangers can be while exploring a reef.  (no... not sharks)  

We snorkel a LOT.  We cover a decent size area, the reef is huge.  We have a parrot fish zone and a turtle cove and tons of dory fish... it's magical.  You will learn about corals, sponges and meet many Ruthie's fishy friends.

Homemade food prepared by the Captain.

After an exciting adventure you return to the boat and enjoy a fabulous meal, feeding little fishies, and there is the occasional cannonball contest and there are lots of kiddos who have learned to dive off the Dragon Fruit.   

(pro tip...   ask the Captain to do a zombie dive off the top)

It's plenty of time, the 4 hours makes for a long day.  Our boat ride back to the dock is usually about 30 minutes.

And... if that's not enough...  Ruthie has her GoPro and is video taping all the time.   She spends hours making spectacular videos of your special day for you to keep and to share.  She will provide you with access to your raw videos and pictures and prepare a movie documenting your day of snorkeling on a beautiful coral reef.  

by Ruthie HIll

We get asked this question constantly.  Do you go to Culebra?  Can we swing by Vieques to see the wild horses on the way back?  Or, can you drop us off at Vieques to see the Bio Bay?  Sorry folks, but the Internet sometimes leads us all down a rabbit hole or two.

map of Fajardo Islands Palamino, Icacos, Lobos, Diablo

Hopefully this map will help!  Both Culebra and Vieques are about 20+ miles off of the coast of the main island, depending on where your marina is located.  And seas (on the crossing) may be really rough.  It's common for 6-8 foot swells and waves, but 10+ are a regular thing here.  So, it's pretty uncomfortable to ride in even 6 foot waves at 20 mph. Trust me I used to work on one of those boats.  And if you go much slower, it takes longer and, of course, that means less time in the water exploring.  

Having worked professionally on reefs in Fajardo and Culebra... it's the same.  It's beautiful everywhere.   No need for FOMO if you don't want to deal with an hour long ferry trip or 20 mph boats on 10 foot seas.   The reefs right here in Fajardo are lovely, take 30-45 minutes at a steady comfortable ride about 10 knots and the pictures speak for themselves.  

Dragon Fruit logo for Simpatico Charters

For Those With Anxiety and Fear of the Ocean

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